Dream Machine




Dream Machine
Written By: Oliver Adams

The story goes just like you thought, corner of 12th & College
Words were sung, notes were strummed, if I recall it
The trip was made, some gigs were paid, back home we were headed east
Then the flood stopped us quick, we knew a dream had to be made

The water rose, our hopes fell luckily things were lifted
It seems she flew, no one knew the wings she’d been gifted
On our way, small price to pay for the times at our door
The ups and downs the need for rest she’ll have you begging for more

I aint trying to relate
She only knows the games she plays
It takes a little warming up
But my o my she can run, she can run on love

First stop was her uncles kin had to respect the fallen ones
Heads were turned eyes analyzed we knew that she was the one
To the south, her daddy home, where the sun and moonshine
To Rabbit Hash, in that southern sun, well she looked so mighty fine


Well it’s 2 shots of whiskey and then those strings light up
A bump or 2 of that bluegrass fuel man you can’t get enough
She’ll bring you home, or stay with you behind that dirty old bar
She’s beautiful, a dream machine, she’l show you what you’re looking for.