Farther Than The Moon

Farther Than The Moon
Written by: Leon Elam

How do you expect me to forgive you?
You swore one day years ago.
I only know what I know and I know what to do
Get as far as far away, get farther than the moon from you.

Divided between the moonlit sky, a million miles away.
It seemed so easy at the time, but I can’t have you this way.
Shattered dreams imprinted in my mind, like a play but off-broadway.
Uninspired actors embrace their fate, take our final bow any day.

I gave you everything I could. I couldn’t love you any more.
You took it all like I knew you would. Don’t want to love you any more.

Broken strings evade harmony, we broke too many in our day.
Our only choice now is to play it safe, what kind of life is that anyway?
I’ve weathered storms but none quite like this, I capsized twice when you left
Washed ashore confused and weak, all I have is what’s left.