Written By: Jake Heidrich

Leavin the bar late last night
I turned left when I should have turned right
I thought my ex’s house was my home
I tried to put my key in the door
I thought it odd it don’t fit no more
Then the sirens sang and the lights did strobe

Standin up there on that porch deck
It had turned itself into a disco tech
So I grabbed myself and struck a pose
Looked like the party was coming to me
But who invited all them beats the hell out of me
All I knew was my moves were in the zone

Was it the hw hw hwhiskey I don’t know
But I can’t say no no I can’t say no

Well in my head I could hear the beat
So I started to moonwalk with my feet
And I nailed every step along the way
When I woke up laying on the ground
There were policemen standing all around
And they picked me up they carted me away

In the back of that police car
They congratulated me and said I’d be a star
They told me everybody gonna know my name
Sure enough next day I was on Youtube
Can you believe that video got a million views
Now I’m famous and hwhiskey’s to blame

Was it the hw hw hwhiskey I don’t know
but I can’t say no no I cant say no