Summary So Far

Summary So Far
Written By: Leon Elam

Met a girl in memphis town, her eyes, they welcomed me
On the arm of a friend of mine, he introduced my one and only
We shared the night with friends alike in each others company
I caught myself staring. her smile, her laugh, her joie do vivre

We met again in DC-ville her charm, her grace, enveloped me
All night we danced, we sang and we probably drank a few too many
I told her everything, I could love her forever, if she’d let me
Her eyes, this time, they wanted me, so we kissed passionately

Norfolk city next, some time had passed, loving flame still burning brightly
Night after night we’d talk for hours, analyze our lives openly
She stayed the night, best sleep I’d ever had. too bad we have to love so discreetly
I’d shout it from the rooftops if I could, but I’m too afraid she’d leave me

Not sure next time when or where we’ll meet, I only wish it’s quickly
She lives her life, I ramble on, my nights have never been so lonely
If it meant I’d get to hold her hand, I’d swim north up the Mississippi
Where I found her some time ago, along the shore seemingly waiting for me